The name is
Khuyen Lam

I am a multi-disciplinary artist. During the daytime, I'm a product designer at Disney. Outside of the office, I am an artist who juggles a variety of mediums and types of projects.

I was born in raised in Gold Country, California. I fell in love with the outdoors from my many adventures in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I moved northward to new frontiers, and packed the Poppy State's cheerful disposition. My paintings draw influence from Chinese landscape paintings and Californian Impressionism.

I primarily work in watercolor and digital illustrations, but love to explore new techniques and mediums.

Select Exhibitions

Rivers, Lakes & the Sea: A Painted Tour of the Olympics, Seward Audabon (2024) + -

Seward Audabon

Seattle, Washington USA

April 2024

Solo Exhibition

Terminus, Port Angeles Art Center (2023) + -

Port Angeles Art Center

Port Angeles, Washington, USA

August 2023

Group Exhibition

ĂN ĐI, Little Saigon Creative (2021) + -

Little Saigon Creative

Seattle, Washington, USA

December 2021

Group Exhibition

Owning It, Little Saigon Creative (2020) + -

Seattle, Washington, USA

December 2020

Group Exhibition

ACES: Artists of Color Symposium, Seattle Center (2019) + -

Seattle Center

Seattle, Washington, USA

May 2019

Group Exhibition

Into the Wild, Alma Mater (2019) + -

Alma Mater

Tacoma, Washington, USA

June 2019

Solo Exhibition

Public Works

Lake City Mural

City of Seattle. 2021.

Victory Heights Mural

City of Seattle. 2023.

Artist in Residence

Olympic National Park
Artist Residency 2023

Stewardship-based art residency. I was assigned to paint dying glaciers in the park and present my work to the public.