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Khuyen is a Seattle-based artist. Born and raised in Gold Country, California, like the prospectors of yesteryear, she moved to new frontiers in search of adventure and opportunities. She has a M.S. in Design/Engineering from University of Washington, and works at Disney as a designer.

She began her artist journey during a trip to Shenandoah National Park. Stranded alone in a van, atop the Blue Ridge Mountains, she found inspiration. The scene of autumn trees swaying with the wind and ridge lines disappearing into the torrential rain’s haze made her heart swell. No cellphone photography could capture that emotion. She scribbled the landscape onto a piece of paper, and hasn’t stopped making art ever since. Khuyen hopes to share her love of the American wilderness through art.

Khuyen is a multi-disciplinary artist who bounces between watercolor, 3D modeling, oil and digital illustration. Outside of being a designer and a visual artist, she also creates video games.



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